Spring Field Day Host Agreement

Thank you for agreeing to host a field day for Practical Farmers of Iowa! This document outlines the roles and responsibilities of Practical Farmers of Iowa and the field day host. Head to the bottom of this page and provide a digital signature to confirm this agreement.

As a host you will:
  • Be available by phone or email to coordinate the event with PFI staff. This includes setting the agenda, contacting additional speakers (if relevant) and field day logistics such as food, water, and restroom.
  • Ensure that the farm is safe for all visitors (including families)
  • Carry liability insurance. PFI carries an umbrella policy for all events, but additional liability insurance for your farm is required.
  • Serve as a host for the field day, which includes: welcoming visitors, introducing yourself and family, describing your farm, answering questions, and encouraging people to join Practical Farmers.
  • Provide suitable toilet facilities for visitors.
  • Assist with publicity efforts as needed, including posting flyers, sending postcards, and being available for interviews with the local media.
  • Allow PFI to use your name and likeness (including field day photos) in media coverage, and all PFI publications.
  • Acknowledge PFI as the organizer of the event.
Practical Farmers of Iowa will:
  • Work with you to develop an agenda and contact speakers (if relevant) for the day.
  • Find sponsors to help support the field day.
  • Promote your field day through a guidebook, our newsletters, flyers or postcards, a news release and other means.
  • Attend your field day to assist you, present information about Practical Farmers of Iowa and help answer visitor questions.
  • Evaluate the field day after its conclusion so we can make our field days even better in the future.

Practical Farmers of Iowa knows that field days are a lot of work for our farmers. Therefore, PFI will compensate you $600 for holding the field day. PFI also agrees to cover up to $600 in related expenses (e.g. food or portable toilet) with receipts. Food costs will vary depending upon your event details and number of attendees. You are not required to provide a full meal; snacks are an acceptable alternative. If your day does include a full meal, please use the budget guideline of $8-10 per person when planning.

Additional notes:
  • We cannot reimburse expenses without receipts. Please turn in receipts within 30 days of your event. This payment qualifies as reportable income. If you receive payments totaling over $600 from Practical Farmers of Iowa in a given tax year, you will receive a 1099.
  • State law requires that a hay rack with people on a public road be preceded and followed by vehicles with flashing lights. Please do not drive hay racks with passengers on highways.

If you have questions, please contact Laura Frescoln at laura@practicalfarmers.org (515) 232-5661.

If this looks good to you, please provide a digital signature below.