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Larry Cleverley (Cleverley Farms) has been a horticulture farmer leader for more than a decade and has had success growing high quality greens. Joining Larry will be beginner Northeast Iowa horticulture farmer Glen Elsbernd (G it’s Fresh).

November 16, 2010 


Glenn Drowns with his wife Linda manage Sand Hill Preservation Center near Calamus, Iowa. They save farm genetic diversity with heirloom seeds, and poultry breeds. Glenn has been perfecting his techniques growing cucurbits organically for decades and is eager to share his knowledge. Ben Saunders has worked at Turtle Farm CSA near Granger, IA, for several years and is working to transition the farm to the next generation. With a university degree in Horticulture, Ben loves working with nature and educating on the farm.

February 22, 2011 


Lee Matteson and Rose Schick are building their business around winter greens and extended season production using four high tunnels near Nevada, Iowa. Though they started with a solid foundation in greenhouse production, there was plenty to learn along the way. During this farminar Lee and Rose will discuss starting their farm, some misconceptions they had and how others might try things differently. They will also discuss greenhouse and site selection, favorite crops, markets, financial decision-making and share photos of their greenhouse operation.

November 10, 2015 


Seed Starting 101: Two ExamplesFebruary 17, 2016 View Farminar Pre-recorded For fruit and vegetable producers, the growing season begins long before the first crops are actually planted in the ground. There are many variations to the process of starting seeds indoors, and each farm has unique methods and schedules according to its goals, markets and [...]

February 17, 2016 


Want to learn about farming small, as a solo operator? Using permaculture principles on a farm scale? Farming in the winter? Meet Clare Hintz, the owner of Elsewhere Farm in Herbster, WI! She’ll highlight the features of her small, diversified farm that make it a successful business, a thriving ecology, and creative work.

Clare Hintz runs Elsewhere Farm, a production Permaculture farm near the south shore of Lake Superior in Herbster, Wisconsin. The farm features over 700 perennial fruit and nut trees interplanted on five acres, market gardens, rare-breed livestock, and a winter and summer CSA. Clare recently finished a position as the coordinator for the Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association, is part of the teacher’s guild of the Permaculture Research Institute in Minneapolis and is the editor of the Journal of Sustainability Education.

January 12, 2018 


Grow Flowers that Sell: Top 10 Sellers at Brightflower FarmDecember 6, 2017 View Farminar Pre-recorded Growing specialty cut flowers can be profitable in wholesale markets. Learn some of the most profitable varieties and products sold at Brightflower Farm, a small cut flower farm in Stockton, IL. Jeanie McKewan, owner and founder of Brightflower Farm, will [...]

December 6, 2017 


An important step in building a successful farm business is to take time and analyze the profitability of each of your marketing channels. The end of the growing season is a good time to calculate the net return for each sales outlet, and make decisions for the following year. Experienced farmer and educator Ryan Pesch will share some tips for evaluating your farm’s market channels, and he’ll help beginning farmer Natasha Hegmann think about her sales outlets after her first two growing seasons.

Natasha Hegmann owns and operates Turkey River Farm near Elkport, Iowa, with her partner Peter Kerns. She grows vegetables for a delivery CSA, farmer’s market, restaurants, and a market-style CSA. She is completing her second year farming on her own.
Ryan Pesch grows certified organic vegetables at Lida Farm near Pelican Rapids, Minnesota, with his wife Maree. He sells his produce through local farmer’s markets, an on-farm stand, a nearby grocery store and to the local school. Ryan is also an extension educator in community economic development.

November 21, 2017 


Pest and Disease Management for Organic Apple ProductionMarch 13, 2017 View Farminar Pre-recorded Managing pests and diseases in a Midwest apple orchard can be tricky, and even moreso for organic systems. A range of preventive approaches needs to be included in an orchard management plan in order to minimize damages and maximize harvests. Maury Wills [...]

March 13, 2017 


Variety Selection for Vegetable ProductionMarch 8, 2017 View Farminar Pre-recorded For Rob Faux, winter is the season for what he humorously calls “farmer delusional syndrome.” Fields do not have weeds, projects take half the time and pictures in the seed catalogues tempt farmers to grow every new variety available in the coming growing season. When [...]

March 8, 2017 


Effective Mentor RelationshipsFebruary 1, 2017 View Farminar Pre-recorded Through our work with beginning farmers at Practical Farmers of Iowa, we’ve learned how beneficial having a mentor can be for those getting started. Learning from someone else’s triumphs and failures can save new farmers many seasons of trial and error, giving them a greater chance for [...]

February 1, 2017