Published Feb 19, 2010

Extending Season Extension

By Sally Worley

Practical Farmers of Iowa was fortunate to receive additional funding from the Ceres Foundation to carry out season extension programming in 2010. Season extension remains a top priority for our farmers, so this funding will help us help them be more successful in this arena. With this money we will coordinate:

  • High tunnel construction workshop
  • Root cellar workshop
  • Field day on extending the season through later harvest and longer crop storage
  • Field day on improving the energy efficiency of conventional storage facilities
  • Webinar on storage in existing facilities
Practical Farmers of Iowa hosted a high tunnel construction workshop in 2009 at Laura Krouse’s Abbe Hills Farm. Members requested a repeat of this workshop for 2010.

Right now is time to plan for logistics: hosts, dates, etc. If you feel you are a good candidate to host one of these programs, contact Sally at (515)232-5661,

Be on the lookout for updates about this lineup via our website/listserv/newsletter/blog/facebook. Or call the office and ask Sally for an update!

2009 funding from the Ceres Foundation allowed Practical Farmers of Iowa to conduct season extension on-farm research, field days, and workshops. Find results of the season extension research and a video of the high tunnel construction workshop at