Published Feb 4, 2011

PFI NEEDS YOUR HELP! Branding workshop in March

By Sally Worley

Practical Farmers of Iowa is planning on holding a branding workshop for our fruit and vegetable members in March. The workshop will aim to teach you valuable branding techniques to make your farm names more recognizable in the marketplace. In conjunction with this workshop, ten farmers who apply will be selected to receive seed money to put toward your branding plan. A follow up meeting will occur in May (likely online) where the ten selected will showcase their finished products.

I have found two branding “experts” in central Iowa that both sound fantastic. I am having difficulty deciding who would be the best fit for you as fruit and vegetable producers. Since you are the ones to potentially participate, please¬†call or email and I can discuss the attributes of each branding consultant.

My hope was to decide today, but I have been procrastinating because I’m having difficulty deciding. So,¬†contact me soon. Thanks for your help!

Regardless, keep your eyes peeled for further details. It should be a great event!

Sally Worley
Next Generation and Horticulture Director
Cell: (515)419-9551