Published Nov 1, 2011

The Cool Green Blankie

By Sarah Carlson

The Cool Green Blankie

By Julie A. Petersen, Knoxville, IA

Another name for cover crops

Is the cool green blankie that can do,

Many, many useful jobs

Which I’m sure you never knew.


The cool green blankie likes to feed

The soil animals their food routine.

It also keeps our winter colorful

A beautiful winter green!

Did you know the cool green blankie

Knows how to recycle nutrients to stay?

It also filters our water supply

To keep it clean for us everyday.

So, always remember you’re never too old

To have a cool green blankie to tend.

Because the cool green blankie will always be

The soil’s very best friend.


Pictures are of winter triticale cover crop drilled near Ellsworth, IA mid-September. Poem by PFI member Julie Petersen who farms with her family near Knoxville, IA.