Mark your calendars for Jan. 19-21, 2023 for the 2023 PFI annual conference!

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Thanks for attending the 2023 conference! See you again next year: january 19-20, 2024

Where does common ground exist? In ideas? Experiences? In ecosystems? In the physical spaces where we live and farm?

Perhaps common ground exists wherever we make space for it – wherever we recognize the opportunity for connection, and wherever we acknowledge our shared impact on our land, water and communities.

At this year’s annual conference, we are On Common Ground. We know common ground may be less visible than our differences. Take time to look for it, think about it and choose to enter those common ideas and conversations.

We invite you to enter that space – the gaps in the apparent and visible – to “fill in the blank” and explore being On Common Ground.

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January 19-20, 2024