Published May 3, 2012

YouTubes of Heartfelt Heirloom Farm’s custom greenhouse construction project

By Sally Worley

Cheryl Daman brought some of her expertise to help construct a high tunnel at TableTop Farm last week.

Farm partners Cheryl Daman and Susan Yario of Heartfelt Heirloom Farm near Springville, IA have constructed a custom greenhouse. These two videos showcase the process behind the construction. Here is a message from Cheryl:

Susan is the mastermind behind photography and you tube stuff. We were able to recycle the windows that were replaced in a near-by college dorm, once we got the windows we “designed” the greenhouse based on the windows. The south roof is the polycarbonate, just like on the end walls on the high tunnel. With the winter being so mild we were able to start in November and worked off and on all winter. We got busy with our plants and still need to finish the inside, so there will be a part 3 when we are done with the inside, we are working on the electrical this week-end.
Part 1:

This fall Cheryl and Susan plan to expand their season extension structures by adding a high tunnel to their farm.