Published Feb 27, 2014

Inspired at the Annual Conference

By Stefan Gailans


While reading the feedback forms from our Annual Conference held last month, the Practical Farmers of Iowa staff noticed an underlying theme that permeated through the comments left by conference attendees.  Some examples of the comments are below:


“Super interesting and inspiring to see such nice soil. Trying to figure out how to incorporate these ideas into my vegetable farm.”

“Awe inspiring.”

“Excellent! Inspiring and relevant.”

“Very encouraging and exciting.”

“So inspiring! Food for thought!”

“Always thought provoking.”

“It left me feeling a boost—excited about new learning and contacts.”

“Made me excited to go straight home and start experimenting.”

“I’m excited to put what I learned into practice!”

IMG_1911Those last three comments about wanting to go home and put learning into practice stood out the most. And with that in mind, I’ll pose a question: How are Practical Farmers members planning on putting what they learned at the annual conference into practice in their own fields and on their own farms? How are you planning on sharing what you’ve learned and possibly inspiring others?






I’d ask that you consider these outlets:


  • Host a PFI Field Day at your farm
  • Speak to a club or church in your local area
  • Submit an op-ed to your local newspaper or farm press journal
  • Submit a guest-written article for our quarterly newsletter, The Practical Farmer
  • Participate in our Cooperators’ Program and conduct an on-farm research trialKellyTobinstandingincoverandnocover
    • If you’re interested in conducting a trial on your farm, contact Stefan Gailans at or (515) 232-5661.


The Annual Conference was widely regarded by attendees, speakers, sponsors, and staff as a great success. Let’s capitalize on this success and build on the energy and inspiration generated!