Published Jul 22, 2014

Field Day Recap: Iowana Farm

By Liz Kolbe

Thunderclouds loomed, but were no match for the inquisitive collection of farmers gathered at Terry Troxel’s Iowana Farm. Twenty-eight people attended the field day, “Scaling Up: Machines, Markets and Moths,” just north of Omaha and Council Bluffs.

Terry, along with her husband, Chuck, and neighbor Merle Osborn, led attendees on a tour of the farm and discussed topics ranging from pest management to CSA volunteer management (you can use a mesh screen for the former!). Terry also showed the damage of spring hail storms to her high tunnels – the hail also wiped out her field tomatoes, which she replanted by propagating side shoots of her high tunnel tomatoes (she’s not expecting the same yields, but it’s worth a try!).

The highlight of the field day, in addition to a wonderful meal and conversation on the Troxel’s patio, was the machinery adaptations that have allowed them to be more efficient and flexible in the field as Iowana Farm continues to expand production. A more complete write-up of the machinery (including Merle’s Superweapon) will be featured in the upcoming Summer 2014 Practical Farmer. Photos below!

Thanks to Terry, Chuck, and Merle for a great day.