Published Dec 1, 2014

Has PFI ever done an event about (insert topic here)?

By Liz Kolbe

Do you ever begin a thought with “It would be awesome if PFI did an event about… ”

I hope so!

Take the next steps:
1. Find out what we’ve done in the past. Use the search function (it’s that white box in the picture below) on the website to quickly find blog posts, news releases, past field days, farminars, or conference sessions. Some events have recordings or summaries available online.


2. If you don’t see what you’re after, or think we should do something again or differently, call or email the office. We’re always game for fresh (and re-freshed) ideas.

As an example of what you might find on the website, below is a list of archived farminars available (to watch for free anytime!) about horticulture. And remember to check out the Fall Farminar Series (winter is coming soon).


02/25/14              Pesticide Drift: Response and Compensation

02/11/14              Growing Better Potatoes and Carrots on a Few Acres

12/10/13              Building Relationships, Building Customers

11/19/13              Transplant Production Improvement Considerations

11/12/13              Efficient Crop Marketing and Distribution of …

11/05/13              Crop Insurance by Written Agreement for Apple …

04/02/13              How to Hire Farm Laborers, By the Books

03/26/13              Network with other PFI Beginning Farmer …

02/26/13              Vegetable Irrigation Basics for Beginning Farmers

02/05/13              Considerations for Year-Round Employment for …

01/29/13              Explore the Profit Potential of High Tunnels

01/24/13              Specialty Crop Insurance: One Farmer’s …

12/18/12              Pricing and marketing produce at farm stands …

11/20/12              Production in high tunnels: Salad greens, …

11/06/12              Farmers as employers: legal responsibilities

03/06/12              Determining Whether Your Produce Farm Will …

02/07/12              Improve your Farmer’s Market Sales

01/24/12              Insect Pest Management in Organic Vegetable …

01/17/12              Scale and Profit: A Financial Snapshot of Three …

12/27/11              Grow better with High Tunnels

12/20/11              Setting up a system of recordkeeping (and …

12/13/11              Inexpensive, effective season extension

11/15/11              How to better use Facebook to increase your …

11/08/11              Wholesale marketing with distributors, what …

11/01/11              Financing options for beginning farmers

07/12/11              Putting a Face on your Farm

04/05/11              Keeping Good Records on a Vegetable Farm

03/15/11              CSA Members as Partners

03/01/11              Managing Farm Labor

02/22/11              Organic Cucurbit Production

01/25/11              Tomatoes Inside and Out

01/11/11              Growing in High Tunnels

12/28/10              Value-Added Legal Considerations

11/16/10              Growing Greens Better

11/02/10              Cover Crops and Natural Manures

10/19/10              Vegetable Storage in Existing Facilities

03/16/10              Beginner Fishbowl – Vegetable Marketing

03/09/10              Beginner Fishbowl – Vegetable Production

02/16/10              Opportunities in Agroforestry

02/09/10              Grow Vegetables Year-Round

02/02/10              Ramp up Vegetable Production

01/26/10              Whole Farm Soil Planning

12/22/09              Financing Your Enterprise

12/15/09              Product, Placement, Pricing, Promotion, People

12/08/09              Enterprise Budgets – Pricing for Profit

12/01/09              Fitting in the New Enterprises

11/24/09              Which Enterprise? Market ID

11/17/09              Estate Planning

11/10/09              Legal Issues in Succession

11/03/09              Whole Farm Planning