Published Feb 26, 2015

Four Reasons NOT to Sign up for a CSA Share

By Liz Kolbe

It’s time someone told you the truth: CSAs aren’t for everyone. Seriously. I have skillfully eavesdropped on many, many conversations of both farmers and consumers – you can trust me. If the list below applies to you, you should NOT check out the list of PFI-member local food providers. I can’t even imagine the pain and anger it would cause you. Now for the list. Feel free to use these excuses if someone asks you why you don’t purchase a CSA. Then run.

  1. You don’t like to eat fresh, seasonal produce.

The thought of green peppers with that hint of late-season red? Gross. An heirloom tomato variety you’ve never seen? Useless. Carrots with the tops still on? Just looks like more work. Kohlrabi? Cold-robbed me of space in the fridge. If seasonal and fresh isn’t for you, neither is a CSA.

  1. You hate cooking; especially with vegetables.

A lot of people with CSAs need some extra help with recipe ideas… but people in CSAs seem to think that’s pretty fun. Why? Why?! You actively detest the idea of cooking with vegetables. Cans, bags, and boxes – that’s all you need. A sharp knife in your hand is only useful for you when aimed at that pesky hot dog packaging.

  1. You don’t want to pay a fair price for food.

You think food should be grown by people unseen and unheard; whether or not they make a living wage is of no consequence. If farmers aren’t willing to give their produce away, you don’t want it. Enough said.

  1. Supporting independent farmers in your community isn’t important to you.

Iowa is a friendly place, but does that extend to spending your money locally, supporting your friends and neighbors? Absolutely not! A CSA share is a great way to give farmers, especially beginning farmers, a helpful boost on the season. To do that is strongly against your values – DO NOT BUY A CSA SHARE!

If none of the above describe you, then you should consider buying a CSA share with a farmer in your area. Sign-ups will close in April, so get out there and find a farmer!