Published May 5, 2015

Beginning Farmer Resource Guides: What Are We Missing?

By Steve Carlson

For a couple of years now there have been two resource guides on the Practical Farmers of Iowa Beginning Farmer webpage. One of them is a list of business planning resources containing helpful websites, software, consultants, workshops, books, organizations and more. The other guide is a list of resources for financial planning, which includes loans, grants, and other funding opportunities for various farm-related purposes.

While updating the links and contact information on both guides, I thought our PFI network might be aware of additional resources worth adding to these lists. Have you utilized any resources to get a business plan written for your farm? Do you know of any financial programs that help beginning farmers fund their start-up? Let me know about them!

Post a response on this blog or e-mail with any suggestions. Thanks!

Find both guides on our Beginning Farmer webpage.