Published May 7, 2015 It’s Back and Better Than Ever!

By Steve Carlson

The Practial Farmers of Iowa land-matching website has been redesigned with new and improved features.

For those who aren’t familiar, is a tool intended to help connect landowners with land-seekers and facilitate the exchange of farmland to the next generation of farmers. Both parties share information about their land or their land needs, and users are able to pin their location on a map then browse for other users in their area. The website allows for a comfortable place to begin an anonymous conversation about land transfer.

Search radius

An improved search function populates a specified radius on the map with prospects that meet your search criteria.

Four years after its original launch, the FindAFarmer website took a short hiatus to upgrade its features and get a fresh, new look.  Practical Farmers of Iowa is now happy to announce that it’s back, and it’s better than ever.

Here are a few of the bells and whistles:

Zoom in on prospects and toggle between satellite or map views.



-Utilizing Google Maps Imagery, users are able to see the detailed topography surrounding potential sites


Advanced search criteria

Advanced search criteria

-Make lists of friends and prospects that match your interests

-An updated message interface allows for easier, more fluid communication

-Advanced search functions let users filter by dozens of criteria to find the best compatibility

-A revamped profile page lets users enter more detailed information about themselves, their (desired) land, and unique story

-The ability to upload photos of their land, buildings, or themselves

mobile friendly

Browse on your smartphone or tablet.


-A mobile-friendly design allows for use on a smartphone or tablet

-Share with your friends on social media sites




How it works:

  1. Create an account
  2. Build a profile that describes your desired farm characteristics (as a land-seeker) or your farm’s details (as a landowner)
  3. Tell your story– what you have, what you’re looking for, your values and experience; and upload photos
  4. Use the search tool to look for landowners or landseekers that meet your criteria
  5. Start a conversation by adding friends and sending a message

 Visit to begin your search today!