Published Nov 11, 2016

Member Spotlight: Angela and Jason Johnson

By Tamsyn Jones

Angela and Jason Johnson 2

Angela and Jason Johnson operate Lucky George Farm, a small conservancy farm in south-central Iowa. Since 2013, their family has been raising Large Black pigs, Devon milking cows, a flock of heritage laying hens, heritage meat birds, guinea fowl, a small herd of meat goats, rabbits, ducks and geese. Their passion is conserving endangered breeds of domesticated livestock, with a special focus on Large Black pigs  – a breed originally developed in southwestern England and Cornwall for its large size and efficiency of production on pasture and other forages.

The Johnsons’ farm philosophy centers around their values of “treating the land with respect, our livestock with love and always living with integrity.” Read the Johnsons’ farm story here. Angela and Jason will share their knowledge at two sessions during PFI’s 2017 annual conference in January — “Saving Bacon: The Conservation of Traditional-Breed Pigs” and “Lessons Learned: First 5 Years of Farming.”


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