Published Nov 18, 2016

Member Spotlight: T.D. Holub — TD n’ Guy Garden Oasis LLC

By Tamsyn Jones

T.D. Holub Member since 2012 TD n' Guy Garden Oasis LLC Coggon, Iowa

T.D. Holub owns and operates TD n’ Guy Garden Oasis LLC, where he raises vegetables, free-range eggs and pasture-raised chickens on about 8 acres. Products are marketed through a CSA; at farmers markets in Independence and Iowa City; and to local schools, grocery stores and businesses.

T.D. has a background in human health and physiology, receiving his degree from the University of Iowa. His interests in nutrition, holistic health and farming — and his experience growing up on a farm — inspired him to start his own operation. He began his first season of production in 2013 on his family farm near Coggon, north of Cedar Rapids, and is now finishing his fourth year of operation.

The farm’s guiding vision is that “everyone should have access to safe, healthy and affordable food from within their own regional location. Putting people before profits, we hope to be a part of a much bigger food movement that educates and empowers people about the power of local and sustainably grown food.”

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