Published Nov 17, 2016

Registration Open: Holistic Management International Workshop for Vegetable Farmers

By Liz Kolbe

Practical Farmers of Iowa is pleased to bring Holistic Management International to Iowa for two-day workshop: Advanced Financial Planning for Fruit and Vegetable Farms. The workshop will be held February 10-11, 2017.Capture

DESCRIPTION: This two-day, Holistic Management International (HMI) workshop will focus on whole farm financial planning for experienced fruit and vegetable farmers. This course provides key financial principles that help you learn how to work on your business, not just in your business. You will develop a financial plan and identify ways to implement and monitor that plan. You’ll learn the key economic analysis tools for improved financial decisions for both annual budgets and for long term investment. You will learn how to make financial decisions and plans toward the mission and values of your farm to create a sustainable business.

Cindy Dvergsten has been practicing Holistic Management since 1993 and teaching Holistic Management since 1995, reaching over 1,500 people. A life-long farmer, she has raised sheep, beef, poultry, and fruits and vegetables. She has a degree in Natural Resource Management and Soil Conservation from the University of WisconsinStevens Point. Cindy is based in the four corners region of Colorado, where she raises Navajo-Churro sheep.

This workshop will be held in conjunction with the PFI Beginning Farmer Retreat. The two groups will share meals and free time, but will have separate programming.

REGISTRATION REQUIRED: Register online, or call Lauren Zastrow at Practical Farmers of Iowa, (515) 232-5661 by Friday, Feb. 3. Workshop space is limited to 40 attendees.

COST: $50 for PFI Members; $110 for Non-Members

FOOD AND LODGING: All meals and overnight lodging are included in the registration fee.

QUESTIONS? Call the Practical Farmers office, (515) 232-5661

LOCATION: Ewalu Camp and Retreat Center 37776 Alpha Ave Strawberry Point, IA 52076 Camp Ewalu (main site) is three miles west of Strawberry Point on Highway 3. Take Alpha Avenue (a straight gravel road) south from Highway 3. It is one mile to the main entrance.