Published Dec 2, 2016

RESEARCH REPORT: Determinate Tomato in High Tunnel, Variety Trial

By Liz Kolbe

Growing tomatoes in the high tunnel gives farmers an early jump on the tomato market, and can help protect the plants from some environmental stressors.  Two farmers (Tim Landgraf at One Step at a Time Gardens and Mark Quee at Scattergood Friends School) conducted replicated variety trials in high tunnels of two determinate tomato varieties, Mountain Fresh Plus and Rebelski.

“We have grown determinate tomatoes in our high tunnel for many years, and are always interested in finding a better fit as to quality and productivity,” said Landgraf. Quee, who regularly uses Rebelski for indoor production said, “I’m pretty happy with our indoor tomatoes, the seeds are expensive. Taking part in this trial might help me find a cheaper alternative or establish that the more expensive seeds are worth the added expense.”


Key Findings:

• Yield at both farms was lower than yields reported in other published high tunnel variety trials.
• Rebelski yield was higher at Landgraf’s, with 1.4 lb/plant difference.
• Rebelski yield was also higher at Quee’s, with 2.1 lb/plant difference.

For more detailed results and discussion, view or  download the full research report on the PFI website.


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