Published Feb 14, 2017

Cover Crop Economics Survey: Participate Today!

By Alisha Bower

Growing MoneyDo you plant cover crops on your farm? Then you know that they improve your soil health and clean your water, but do you ever wonder what they do for your bottom line? While many scientific studies have been done that quantify environmental benefits of cover crops, there just isn’t the same research regarding the economic benefits. With funding from the SARE program, Practical Farmers of Iowa and Iowa State University are trying to fill this gap but we need your help.

We have developed an online survey to quantify the economic return on investment of your cover crops. If you farm in the Midwest and have used cover crops please take a moment of your time to fill out this survey before March 1, 2017. Your participation will help us tell the story of how we can take positive steps for farm incomes without compromising the opportunities of future generations. Thank You.

Visit this URL to participate today: