Published Apr 27, 2017

New Report: Whole Farm Financial Project: Year 2 – An Analysis of 2014 Financials

By Liz Kolbe

Toward our on-going effort to facilitate discussions about profitability of diversified fruit and vegetable farms, the Year 2 Report of the Whole Farm Financial Project is now available. Twelve farmers contributed their profit-loss statements and balance sheets to Practical Farmers of Iowa for this report, and work on the next edition of the report (FY2015 and 2016) is underway. Year 1 of the Whole Farm Financial Project is also available on the Practical Farmers website.

This report will be immediately useful to farmers with a few years of financial numbers of their own to compare. For beginning and aspiring farmers, this report can show them which ratios to begin tracking, and what level (and year-to-year variation) of revenue and costs may be reasonable to expect. At the end of the report, four participating farmers provide a more narrative evaluation of their financial numbers and the status of their farm.

Click here to see the full report