Published Oct 17, 2017

RESEARCH REPORT: Oat Variety & Fungicide Trials 2017

By Stefan Gailans

Continuing work from the previous two years, Practical Farmers of Iowa and partners conducted another round of oat variety trials in 2017. Fifteen varieties were screened at two Iowa State University research farms (Kanawha, Nashua) and one PFI farmer-member farm (Wayne Koehler, Charles City)  Find the new report here: Oat Variety and Fungicide Trials 2017.

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Key Findings:

  • The variety Antigo had the highest test weight at each location (>38 lb/bu) but was also among the lowest yielding varieties. Reings scored a test weight of 38 lb/bu at Kanawha
  • Application of fungicide did not improve oat yield or test weight for the four varieties tested at Nashua

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Varieties Included in 2017

Oat varieties 2017

Oat Yields at Kanawha

Natty and Betagene were the top yield performers at Kanawha with Antigo scoring the highest test weight.

Kanawha oat yields 2017

Oat Yields at Charles City

Saber and Reins were the top yield performers at Charles City.

Charles city oat yields 2017

Oat Yields at Nashua

Hayden and Deon were top performers at Nashua in terms of both yield and straw.

Nashua oat yields 2017

Fungicide Trial at Nashua

Fungicide application had mostly no effect but did appear to increase straw yields, particularly for Shelby 427.

Nashua fungicide trial 2017

Previous oat variety trials can be accessed here:

Thank you to our partners:

  • General Mills
  • Grain Millers, Inc.
  • Albert Lea Seed House
  • Sustainable Food Lab
  • Welter Seed and Honey Co.
  • Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association

And our participants:

  • ISU Northern Research Farm (Kanawha)
  • ISU Northeast Research Farm (Nashua)
  • Wayne Koehler (Charles City