Published Mar 26, 2018

Boone-area farm providing on-farm training opportunity for an aspiring farmer

By Tamsyn Jones

For Release: March 26, 2018


Steve Carlson | Practical Farmers of Iowa | (515) 232-5661 |

BOONE, Iowa – Mike Salama of Salama Greenhouse and Floral is seeking to hire an employee for the coming growing season, and is willing to provide the right candidate with additional training on topics important for running a farm business.

Salama is among 14 experienced farmers from around the state who have committed to hire an employee through Practical Farmers of Iowa’s Labor4Learning program. Each Labor4Learning trainer farm was approved by a committee of Practical Farmers members to serve as qualified teachers.

Mike grows ornamental plants, bedding plants, cut flowers, potted annuals, perennials, hydroponic tomatoes, basil and winter greens. Everything is greenhouse grown, with a hydroponic system in place for the vegetables. Flowers and plants are sold in-house retail, and vegetables are sold to grocery stores, restaurants, and institutions wholesale.

“Labor for Learning works really well for us, due to the fact that the applicants have a deep interests in what they are doing,” Mike says. “They are not just looking for a job, they want to know why certain tasks are done a certain way and take more pride and care in their work.”

The job opening at Salama Greenhouse and Floral is part-time, starting this month. The primary work activities include planting, maintaining, and harvesting the tomato and basil crops.

Full job details, dates and information on how to contact Salama Greenhouse to apply can be found at To qualify as a trainee, the applicant must have a strong desire to learn; apply to and be hired by a trainer farm; and become a member of Practical Farmers of Iowa.

Having sufficient on-farm work experience is vital to the success of new farmers just starting on their own. Most on-farm employment opportunities, however, are limited in scope and don’t expose employees to the full range of skills needed to be successful.

Now entering its sixth year, Practical Farmers’ Labor4Learning program helps fill this need by connecting aspiring farmers seeking paid on-farm training with experienced farmers looking for eager employees.

In addition to their normal job responsibilities, those in the program receive training on topics such as record keeping, marketing and other skills important for running a farm business. At the start of employment, the trainer and trainee agree on a set of learning outcomes to address during the course of employment, beyond the normal job-related work activities.


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