Published May 25, 2018

PFI Members Running for Office

By Sally Worley

Practical Farmers of Iowa is delighted to have so many leaders in its membership. These members lead at Practical Farmers, as well as in their communities. This year member names are coming up quite frequently as they run for office across Iowa. Practical Farmers of Iowa doesn’t endorse any candidate, as it strives to be a place where many come together and learn from a spectrum of viewpoints and experiences. However, we are proud to share the multitude of members that ended up on ballots this year.

Are you running for office, but not on this list? Email Sally Worley and we will add you!

Secretary of Agriculture

  • Tim Gannon
  • Chad Ingels
  • Craig Lang


  • Fred Hubbell
  • John Norris

State House

  • Brenda Brink (District 49)
  • Kayla Koether (District 55)
  • Ryan Marquardt (District 25)
  • Denise O’Brien (District 21)
  • David Weaver (District 47)

County Supervisor

  • Linda Murken (Story)
  • Mark Peterson (Montgomery)
  • Thomas Thurston (Marshall)

Soil Water Conservation District Commissioners

  • Jack Boyer (Tama)
  • Steve Carlson (Boone)
  • Selden Spencer (Story)