Published Oct 30, 2018

Passing on Knowledge from Chris Blanchard

By Sally Worley
Chris Blanchard sally worley 2013

Chris and me at Erik Sessions and Sarah Peterson’s field day in 2013

Many of you have heard the news that Chris Blanchard passed away recently. He was a farmer, farm and environmental advocate and talented teacher.

I considered Chris a friend. I agreed with most of his strong opinions and appreciated his humor, intelligence, honesty, openness and unrelenting determination to make the world a better place. Practical Farmers of Iowa had the fortune of working with Chris many times over the years, and to share Chris’ knowledge with our members. Here is some of Chris’ knowledge-sharing we were able to capture over the years.

Newsletter articles

CSA Mini School, Dec. 2-3, 2010

Beard July 16 037 e1540918114320

Left to right: Angie Sullivan, Isabel Blanchard, Chris Blanchard, Harriet Behar at Beard family field day in 2011. Long-time member, late Greg Bernhard (Suzi Howk’s dad), is in the back row with the PFI hat.

Field day, July 15, 2012: Rock Spring Farm’s Labor-Saving and Profit-Maximizing Devices

Workshop, March 14, 2013: Many Hands Make Light Work: Systems and Tools for Managing Employees on the Farm


Thanks to Chris for being such a passionate teacher and cool human. He will be greatly missed!