Published Jul 1, 2019

Cultivator Adjustments – Organic Weed Control

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


The row crop cultivator’s basic job is to cut or uproot the weeds between rows, and throw soil to cover up the in-row weeds that can’t be cut or uprooted. But, depending on plant, weed, soil and weather conditions, that job can get pretty tricky. In this video, hear from several PFI farmers on how they adjust their cultivators to get the job done.

They talk about which adjustments they make to throw more or less soil – including adjustments to the pitch of sweeps, top link adjustments, how close sweeps are to the rows, and differences in adjustments between cultivators. They also discuss how they deal with differing weathering conditions, using rolling or tent shields early in the year, using flow shields later in the year and how speed plays into all of it.

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