Published Feb 26, 2020

A Quicker Return! Switching from Cows to Pigs

By Practical Farmers of Iowa

Fifth-generation hog farmer Phil Kramer and newcomers Andrew and Marissa Waldo share their unique perspectives on raising hogs in Iowa.

Phil is the northwest Iowa farrow-to-finish field agent for Niman Ranch; his own operation consists of 65 farrow-to-finish sows. Andrew and Marissa decided after some experimentation with grass-fed beef that hogs suit their small acreage best.

In this farminar, you will learn more about land requirements, facility and infrastructure considerations, genetic selection and herd health, marketing opportunities, increasing returns and decreasing overall risk when raising hogs.

Philip Kramer is a fifth-generation hog farmer near Hardy, Iowa, and the farrow-to-finish field agent for Niman Ranch Pork Division in northwest Iowa.

Andrew and Marissa Waldo are beginning farmers near Cascade, Iowa, navigating endless operational decisions on their small-scale acreage. After experimenting with grass-fed beef, they have decided to pursue hogs for quicker returns.

This farminar was recorded on February 25, 2020.