Published Feb 5, 2020

Organic Weed Control in Vegetable Crops

By Practical Farmers of Iowa

A successful weed management program looks different from farm to farm but ultimately relies on a combination of technique and timing.

Andrew Dunham of Grinnell Heritage Farm and T.D. Holub of Garden Oasis Farm share their organic weed management philosophies, along with equipment and strategy preferences.

They specifically discuss the use of cultivation equipment, plastic mulch, cover crops, crop rotation, compost and transplants.

  • Andrew Dunham grows certified organic fruits, vegetables and nuts on 22 acres at Grinnell Heritage Farm in Grinnell, Iowa.
  • T.D. Holub raises 8 acres of vegetables along with pastured poultry and eggs at Garden Oasis Farm near Coggon, Iowa.

This farminar was recorded on February 4, 2020.