Published Jul 28, 2020

A Growing Community of Support

By Sally Worley

Practical Farmers’ budget continues to grow, thanks to our many supporters and the increased leadership and participation of our talented members!

In fiscal year 2019 (Oct. 1, 2018 – Sept. 30, 2019), PFI received $2.79 million in revenue. This is up by about $674,000 from fiscal year 2018. Much of this growth is due to continued and expanded grant support, additional memberships and generous donations from our supportive network. Of this, $73,321 came from donations above membership from 302 individual donors. These individual donations are vital to Practical Farmers’ ability to respond directly to our members’ needs. In addition, 20 generous members purchased gift memberships for others, both supporting PFI and bringing more people into the network. We also received funding from 49 operating grants in fiscal year 2019.

Thank you, supporters, for your generosity that allows us to work hard to equip farmers to build resilient farms and communities!

More information on Practical Farmers’ finances can be found in our 2019 annual report. This report also highlights accomplishments made possible because of our generous supporters. Below, learn more about why two PFI farm families donate to PFI through gifts of grain.

Farmers Donate Through Gifts of Grain


Sarah and Nathan Anderson

This past year, Mark and Melanie Peterson of Stanton, and Nathan and Sarah Anderson of Cherokee, both gifted grain to Practical Farmers of Iowa.

Many farmers have an abundance of grain, and donating it is a way they can financially support PFI and also receive tax benefits. When grain is donated, farmers reduce taxable income but still deduct production costs for the donated grain. Reducing taxable income could minimize or eliminate self-employment tax, and reduce adjusted gross income.

Nathan greatly values Practical Farmers of Iowa. He says, “PFI farmers and knowledgeable staff continue to influence all aspects of our farm in a positive way.” And giving grain is a way he can add value back to PFI. “I give grain because it’s what I produce,” Nathan says. “There’s a mechanism in place for me to easily donate that grain to Practical Farmers to convert into cash for needed programs.”

Mark and Melanie Peterson #2

Mark and Melanie Peterson

Mark also wholeheartedly believes in Practical Farmers’ mission. “I have high hopes for Practical Farmers’ future, so Melanie and I are proud to be financial supporters,” he says. “Donating grain is really easy. When I deliver grain, I let them know that the load is for Practical Farmers of Iowa. The co-op applies the current price to the grain and cuts a check to PFI, identifying it as a donation from Melanie and me.”

If you let us know you are planning to donate grain (contact Sally Worley at or (515)232-5661), PFI will call your co-op to make sure all paperwork is in place. You can also fill out a gift of grain notification on our website. Contact Sally with any questions about donating grain – or any other donation questions.

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