Published Feb 12, 2021

Winter Production in the Hoop House – 2021 Virtual Annual Conference

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


At Snug Haven Farm, the growing season starts in September. Spinach, carrots and turnips are seeded in the ground and kale, collards and chard are transplanted into hoop houses.

The crops are harvested through the winter, revealing their frost-kissed tenderness. During this session, Bill shares winter hoop house techniques that keep his crops and soil productive and healthy through the Wisconsin winters.

Bill Warner operates Snug Haven Farm in Belleville, Wisconsin, with his wife, Judy Hageman. Together, they manage 13 hoophouses and are known for their “frost-sweetened spinach.”

They focus resources on winter and spring crops and have recently added other greens and root crops to their winter growing season. Even in the spring and summer, most of their crops are harvested from their hoop houses.