Published Jul 12, 2023

Giving as an Act of Trust

By Sally Worley

Practical Farmers of Iowa set big growth goals in its most recent strategic plan. As a member-driven network, we heard your strong message that we needed to reach more people. This is because those engaged in PFI’s network have the support to make changes as they work toward their short- and long-term goals. For example, 72% of last year’s field day attendees intend to make changes to their operations as a result of attending.

With growth comes more programs, members, staff and a bigger budget. Donations we receive from individuals constitute our most important funding. These dollars allow us to respond quickly to our network’s needs and help us fill in the gaps between grant funding, as grant funding is tied to specific deliverables.

Three examples from last year:


In fiscal year 2022 (Oct. 1, 2021-Sept. 30, 2022) Practical Farmers received $4.4 million in revenue. This is an increase of about $700,000 from fiscal year 2021. Of this revenue, $140,513 came from donations above membership from 365 individual donors.

Multiple Ways to Give

Some members provide cash donations on an annual or bi-annual basis. Others provide donations through their donor-advised fund, via a gift of grain, stocks, land and real estate, in their wills and more. Some members donate monthly to make donations easier on cash flow.

Steve and June Weis

Steve and June Weis

Lifetime members Steve and June Weis of Osage have been PFI members since 1989. They joined when they were actively farming and have stayed active in PFI even after they transitioned out of farming. Steve and June have been active members throughout their membership, from participating in research to serving on committees and staying connected with PFI members. Steve says, “Through PFI, I have made lifelong friends I can call on at any time.”

Steve and June have been regular donors since they became involved with PFI. They have recently switched to recurring monthly donations. Reflecting on why they have remained committed donors, they say:

“Why would non-farmers like us support PFI? The fact is that PFI is close to our heart. PFI has some of the friendliest people we know. They share not only their successes but, just as importantly, their failures. Their values of regenerative farming strengthen their farms and the communities they live in. Every time we go to a PFI event, we come back invigorated with a positive energy that is infectious.

“We love the ease of giving monthly and having it taken right from our bank account. It is so simple to budget our giving.”

Donations Are a Tribute to Good Work

Nonprofits and charities worldwide are doing really good work. And we all depend on donations to make our budget goals. But sometimes, as donors, it’s overwhelming to sort through all the donation requests and decide where to invest your hard-earned money.

Jim Moseley

Jim Moseley

Jim Moseley is someone who is inundated by donation requests. His name may be familiar to some of you; Jim served as the deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He has also served as an agricultural advisor to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and has contributed to a lot of meaningful agricultural and policy work over his career. Practical Farmers is fortunate to be one of the nonprofits Jim donates to.

Why did Jim choose to support Practical Farmers out of all the organizations that reach out to him? “PFI is the leading organization in putting regenerative ag on the ground in the U.S.,” he says, emphatically.

Donations to PFI send a strong message that you value PFI’s work and trust that we will put your money to good use. The act of donating is so meaningful to those on the receiving end, as it’s a compliment and vote of confidence for the work being done.

Thanks, Jim, and all of our supporters, for this important funding!