Published Jan 25, 2024

2023 Field Day Season Photo Recap Part 2

By Practical Farmers of Iowa

Since our founding in 1985, field days have been a core element of PFI’s farmer-led model. Each year, they highlight the breadth, diversity and individuality of PFI member farms. This year, we held 42 field days across Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin. If you haven’t been to a field day – or if you’ve been to only one – you might assume all field days are kind of the same. But it cannot be overstated: each is incredibly unique. Why? Because the farmers, not invited speakers or staff, are the hosts and the educators – and they often have as many questions and challenges to share as answers. We as a staff are grateful to all the field day hosts who opened their farms this year, and are proud to help make your field days successful.

Click any image in the gallery below to view some snapshots from field days. We look forward to seeing you out there next year!