Do you own farmland? Looking for farmland? Looking to better understand how to manage your land to improve it for future generations? We have resources for you. 

Our farmland owner and owner-operator members are concerned with better understanding how to leave the land in better shape than they found it. They want to know how to manage their land to improve soil health, protect water quality, provide wildlife habitat and make sure a plan is in place for the next generation. As with all our programming, our farmland programming help our members share information to learn how to better manage farmland – the basic building block of resilient farms and communities.


Practical Farmers’ habitat program brings our farmer-led approach to in-field and edge-of-field conservation practices.

Farm Transfer

Learn more about Practical Farmers’ work to help farmers share resources and stories to help transition family farms to the next generation.

Find a Farmer

Find a Farmer facilitates the exchange of land from one generation to the next, whether you are a beginning farmer looking for land or a landowner looking for a beginning farmer.

Browse our Resources page for more information on farmland issues:

Farmland ownership resources