Brian Corkill

20190606 FieldDay JPG 0089

Brian Corkill and his father, Alan, farm corn and soybeans near Galva, Illinois using strip-till and no-till systems, along with cover crops. Brian started using cover crops to slow soil erosion and reverse soil compaction, and in the years since he has observed additional positive attributes of cover crops. One of which was increased corn yields without Brian increasing nitrogen rates since he began using cover crops, which he attributes to greater soil microbial activity and improved nitrogen retention from cover crops. Brian has also observed that cover crops help with weed suppression, especially with waterhemp. Brian excels in seeding cover crops quickly and at a low cost with an air seeder mounted on a vertical tillage tool. He has also experimented with planting his cash crop into a green cover crop.

Areas of expertise: economics of cover crops, quick-seeding cover crops, planting green.