Media Coverage

Welcome to PFI’s media coverage page. Below you’ll find a list of instances where PFI and our members were featured in the news, including some of our favorite highlights.

In the News Highlights

Bringing Oats Back to American Farms

PFI member, Landon Plagge and PFI staffer, Lydia English were feature in Civil Eats.

Level Up on Soil Health With Livestock

PFI members Mark Peterson and Lisa Schulte Moore were featured in Successful Farming.

The Art of Climate Dialogue

PFI members Omar de Kok-Mercado, Ruth Rabinowitz, Angie Carter, Jean Eells, Mary Swander, Shelley Buffalo and Alice McGary were featured on The Art of Climate Dialogue podcast.

Flexible Farming: Small Grains Add Diversity, Market Options to the Crop Management Plan

PFI member, Randy Riediger, and PFI staffer, Sarah Carlson were featured on

Decorah’s Luna Valley Farm Is Getting More National Publicity

PFI members, Maren and Tom Beard, were featured in Better Homes and Gardens. Read about the mention in this article from Decorah News.

In the News

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