Other Fertility Trials

Published Feb 4, 1993

Several additional fertility trials were carried out by cooperators. Paul and Karen Mugge, Sutherland, checked for residual differences due to deep banding in the ridge versus surface broadcast P and K fertilizer in December, 1990 (Table 5). There was no yield effect in 1992, and none was seen in 1991, either.

Jeff and Gayle Olson, Mount Pleasant, tried banding pelleted lime with the planter (Table 5). There was no significant yield effect. Steve and Gloria Leazer, Wilton, carried out a three-treatment trial to compare: 1) 15 lbs pelleted lime banded with the planter; 2) 110 lbs 6-28-29 “biological” starter fertilizer; and 3) a check treatment of no starter or pell lime (Table 3). There were no statistically significant yield differences, giving the economic edge to the check treatment.

Ray and Marj Stonecypher, Floyd, designed a trial to evaluate the efficiency of applying planting-time nitrogen in a surface band (as with herbicide carrier) versus an incorporated band (Table 5). There was no yield difference in 1992, even though the late spring soil nitrate test indicated the crop did require additional sidedress nitrogen.