Practical Cover Croppers

Practical Cover Croppers Video Series

Interested in cover crops but don’t know where to start? Curious about a particular cover cropping practice and want to know how it worked for someone else? PFI’s new Practical Cover Croppers video series can help!

A range of farmers share their cover crop experiences, resources and best practices in our brand-new Practical Cover Cropper video series, which will provide the knowledge you need to start incorporating cover crops into your farming business. Observe and learn about a range of cover cropping techniques in horticulture, livestock and row crops.

Topics include:

  • Suppressing weeds
  • Preventing erosion
  • Boosting soil health
  • Providing forage for livestock
  • Roller crimping
  • Air seeding
  • Grazing cover crops
  • And more!

Keep scrolling to see our top videos from the series. Want to watch them all? Head to our YouTube page to browse the full series.

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Seeding Cover Crops with an Air Seeder and Rolling Harrow

Learn about Will Cannon’s unique setup for seeding cover crops quickly. It involves a custom setup featuring a Hiniker air seeder with Gandy seed meters mounted on a DIY frame which pulls a pre-owned J&M double rolling harrow.

Iowa Vegetable Farmer’s Evolving Cover Crop Journey

In this video, Kate Edwards of Solon, IA explains which cover crops are easiest to start with in vegetable production and how her cover cropping practices have evolved to better meet her goals of improving soil quality on the farm.

Water and Fencing Options when Grazing Cover Crops

Grazing cover crops can make them a net positive practice within a growing season, but the logistics and expense of fencing and water can be a barrier for some. Watch as PFI member farmers delve into what sort of fencing and water systems they use when grazing cover crops: from using existing perimeter fence and creeks to delivering water and using polywire for intensive grazing.

Roller Crimping Cereal Rye in Soybean Production

Follow Jon Bakehouse as he talks about roller-crimping cereal rye cover crop in soybean production.


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