Published Jul 23, 2015

NWF Research Results: Cover Crops Benefit Wildlife, Farmers Alike

By Steve Carlson

This summer, Practical Farmers of Iowa teamed up with the National Wildlife Federation to deliver two webinars showcasing the results of NWF-sponsored research on cover crops. The research was conducted by a wide range of professionals from diverse fields and locations across the US. Results were presented under two main bodies of inquiry: The wildlife habitat values of cover crops, and the economic impacts of using cover crops. Click on the titles below to download the PowerPoint presentations.

Cover Crops and Wildlife Habitat

Due to technical difficulties, this webinar was not recorded.

1. Effect of Diverse Cover Crops on Insects and Wildlife
Ray Wright, University of Missouri

Effect of Diverse Cover Crops

2. Impact of Cover Crops on Bird, Insect and Amphibian Diversity
Robert Brodman, St. Joseph’s College
Daniel Perkins, Jasper County Soil and Water Conservation District

Impact of Cover Crops

The Economics of Cover Crops

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1. Quantifying Nitrogen Scavenging
Ajay Nair, Iowa State University

Quantifying Nitrogen

2. Economic Impact of Cover Crop Seed Sales
Fred Iutzi, Western Illinois University

Economic Impact

3. Using Simple Field Tests for Soil Quality to Promote Cover Crops and Management Practices
Chad Watts, Conservation Technology Information Center