Published Aug 16, 2018

Cover Crop Directory – Bigger than Ever!

By Alisha Bower

Our cover crop directory is a great resource for locating cover crop seed suppliers and seeding services in your area. We are constantly updating to include businesses that sell cover crop seed, provide cover crop seeding services, custom cover crop spraying and seed cleaning. Check out the sortable, searchable directory for a cover crop business near you!

In order to secure these services at a favorable price and to get first choice at seeding dates, it’s best to line up seed and seeding in July and August. Several of the businesses listed in the cover crop directory are what we call “one-stop-shops.” With the description of the field and your cover crop selection, they can source seed and arrange for it to be seeded for you. In the directory, these businesses are listed in bold and italics.

Not sure what cover crop you should seed? Use our Cover Crop Decision Tree to guide you to the right variety and seeding rate for your goals. Don’t forget that your herbicide plan on corn or soybeans may restrict your seeding dates for cover crops to avoid herbicide carry over issues. Consult our soybean herbicide and corn herbicide guides for planting restrictions on cover crop species for common herbicides.

We still have cost share available for cover crops. If you sell soybeans into the Archer Daniel Midland’s Des Moines supply chain or corn to the Cargill plant in Eddyville you are eligible to access our cost share programs. Learn more here.