Published Feb 25, 2020

Ground Covers and Mulches for Weed Control – Rob Faux

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Paper or plastic? Why limit yourself?! During this session, Rob will discuss the various types of ground covers he uses for weed control in different crops, from landscape fabric to crinkled paper, straw to living covers. He will share some ideas he’s tried that need refinement, pros and cons of different approaches and what he’s interested in trying that hasn’t yet made it to his farm.

Rob and his wife, Tammy, operate Genuine Faux Farm, a CSA, produce and poultry operation near Tripoli, Iowa. Since launching the farm in 2005, Rob has been an inquisitive farmer, testing products and concepts on his own and through PFI’s Cooperators’ Program.

From our 2020 Annual Conference: Reclaiming Resilience