Published Feb 20, 2020

Mechanical Weed Control and Weed Ecology in Vegetable Production – Sam Hitchcock Tilton

By Practical Farmers of Iowa

For effective weed management, farmers need an understanding of weed ecology paired with the right tool, at the right time. Learn about systems-based strategies for weed control, new and emerging machines on the market, individual tools and implements and best-use strategies for your current equipment.

Sam is a horticulture instructor at Lakeshore Technical College near Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He has a background in vegetable farming and a master’s degree from Michigan State University with a focus on precision weeding tools. Sam has designed weeding machines for KULT-Kress and visited farms throughout Europe and the U.S., and he organizes the Midwest Mechanical Weed Control Field Day.

From our 2020 Annual Conference: Reclaiming Resilience.