Published Feb 17, 2021

Contract Grazing Cover Crops for Winter Feed

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Father and son team, Jon and Jared Luhman, operate Dry Creek Red Angus in Goodhue, Minnesota. Each winter they contract graze their cattle on cover crops and crop residue – whether it’s on their neighbors’ fields or hauling cattle to Nebraska to overwinter. In this farminar, the Luhmans discuss their winter grazing arrangements and how they work out the finances to benefit both the landowner and themselves.

Jon and Jared Luhman operate Dry Creek Red Angus, a family-owned and operated beef and cash-crop farm in Goodhue, Minnesota, growing organic crops and raising 100% grass-fed Red Angus and Hereford cattle. They direct-market grass-fed beef through a cooperative of local farmers called The Grass Fed Cattle Company, serving Minneapolis and St. Paul.