Published Feb 10, 2021

The Top 5 Questions About Pasture-Finishing Pigs

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Dayna Burtness has been raising pastured pigs since 2015 at Nettle Valley Farm in southeast Minnesota. In this farminar, she asks Steve Deibele, an experienced pig farmer, her top five questions around finishing pigs on pasture.

Steve owns Golden Bear Farm in Kiel, Wisconsin, and has 20 years of experience. Both farms are in similar climate zones, and the farmers discuss planting and feeding perennial and annual forages. Watch Dayna and Steve dive into pasture-finishing!

  • Steve Deibele and his wife, Marie, have operated a small pasture-based farm near Kiel, Wisconsin, since 2002, producing 250-300 Berkshire hogs per year. The pigs graze on organic pastures, apples and pumpkins.
  • Dayna Burtness has been farming on and off since 2004 and launched Nettle Valley Farm near Spring Grove, Minnesota, in 2015. She finishes heritage-breed hogs on pasture and runs the farm’s beginning farmer program. This farminar was recorded on February 10, 2021.