Published Aug 8, 2021

RTVP Week 1: Reduced-Tillage Research at the University of Wisconsin with Rue Genger and Claire Strader

By Practical Farmers of Iowa
Researcher Rue Genger from University of Wisconsin-Madison introduces the Climate Resilient Organic Vegetable Production (CROVP) research project and community of practice exploring cover crop-based reduced-tillage methods. The CROVP group brings together farmers and researchers in the Upper Midwest to explore reduced tillage and cover crops as a way to build resilience to extreme weather events. CROVP is committed to farmer-led research and experimentation and farmer-to-farmer learning, especially to support communal development and refinement of best practices for cover crop-based reduced-tillage systems.
This session includes short demonstrations from the CROVP research project comparing reduced-tillage approaches to cover crop termination, planting methods and weed control, followed by Q&A. Among the methods discussed, you will see a demonstration of a two-stage walk-behind crimper designed by the USDA, which the CROVP group is testing.