Published Apr 18, 2023

The Savings Incentive Program Class of 2024

By Greg Padget

At Practical Farmers, we know that having access to mentors and peers is key to success as a new farmer. For more than 12 years, our Savings Incentive Program has helped by pairing beginning and aspiring farmers with experienced farmer mentors, learning and peer networking opportunities and business planning support to help them be successful.

Over the course of two years, the SIP Class of 2024 will focus on business planning, building their network and investing capital as they start their farming journeys.

During their time in the program, participants will invest up to $2,400 into their farm savings account. After successfully completing the program, Practical Farmers of Iowa matches their savings dollar for dollar, up to $2,400, to use toward the purchase of a farm asset.

New this year, we’re also excited to offer additional funds to five farmers of color.

Please give our our Savings Incentive Program Class of 2024 a warm welcome – we can’t wait to see what you do!

Maja BlackMaja Black

Sundog Farm & Local Harvest CSA

Solon, IA

Meet Maja



DaQuan CampbellDaQuan Campbell

We Arose Co-op

Waterloo, IA

Meet DaQuan



Jenna and Adam Cook

Jenna & Adam Cook

Clovergold Flower Farm

Waterloo, IA

Meet Jenna and Adam



Rose Danaher

Rose Danaher

Amana, IA

Meet Rose




Elana Gingerich

Elana Gingerich

East Holbrook Chestnut Grove

Parnell, IA

Meet Elana


Mari Hunt Wassink

Mari Hunt Wassink

Black Earth Gardens

Cedar Rapids, IA

Meet Mari



Yvette Irakoze

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Gamble

Yvette Irakoze

West Des Moines, IA

Meet Yvette




Kevin Martin

Kevin & Kendra Martin

Holdfast Farmstead

Mount Ayr, IA

Meet Kevin and Kendra



Ashley and Zachary Wenke

Ashley & Zachary Wenke

Pleasant Grove Homestead

Montezuma, IA

Meet Ashley and Zachary




Carlos Williams

Carlos Williams

Williams Top Soil

Solon, IA

Meet Carlos




Ethan and Carly Zierke

Carly & Ethan Zierke

Sweet Season Farm

Decorah, IA

Meet Carly and Ethan