Jenna and Adam Cook

Jenna and Adam Cook

Clovergold Flower Farm | Newell, Iowa

Jenna and Adam CookWhy do you want to farm?

I want to be able to grow quality cut flowers for florists, and inspire florists and customers to look toward sourcing flowers locally. I want to farm because I enjoy growing flowers and would love to be able to make it my career.

What are you farming right now?   

Clovergold Flower Farm is a specialty cut flower farm that grows unique flower varieties for florists and retail sales. We will be growing on a quarter-acre in 2023.

What’s your vision for your farm?

I want this farm to be able to grow enough flowers during the growing season to meet the needs of at least 10-20 florists in the surrounding area. I also want our farm to be a place for on-farm events such as U-picks, education and workshops.

My dream would be to eventually have florists attend a workshop retreat and experience using locally grown flowers and foliage from our farm to inspire their design creativity and embrace using locally grown flowers each season.

Why do you want to participate in this program?

I want to make a point to focus on the financial aspect of Clovergold Flower Farm so that we may continue to grow the business and I may eventually be able to step away from my part-time job in town. I want the farm’s income to be able to provide for our family and for our future.