Yvette Irakoze

Yvette Irakoze

K Family Farm | West Des Moines, IA

Yvette Irakoze

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Gamble

Why do you want to farm?     

My parents and great-grandparents were vegetable farmers in Burundi who also tended to cows, chickens and goats. Farming is in my blood. I like to grow food for my family and I like to contribute to the community.

What are you farming right now?       

I am currently farming at the Global Greens incubator farm program through Lutheran Services in Iowa. On my plot I am growing corn, lenga lenga, beans, squash, peas, eggplants and many other vegetables.

What’s your vision for your farm?      

I would like to continue to learn about production practices and grow my farm business to where one day I can own about 5-10 acres and have enough produce to provide to stores like Hy-Vee.

Why do you want to participate in this program?

Being able to complete the Savings Incentive Program will help me with the purchase a small tiller to use at the farm and improve productivity at the farm.