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Practical News (weekly)

June 19, 2020Practical News - New PFI research measures the economic impact of grazing cover crops + Sign up for cover crop cost-share!
June 12, 2020Practical News - Field day guide arriving in mailboxes soon + A bird's-eye view for photo of the week!
June 5, 2020Practical News - Virtual field day season marches on + Missed a virtual field day? Watch the recordings!
May 29, 20202020 virtual field day season begins Saturday + Check out this year's lineup!
May 22, 2020Virtual field days begin May 30!
May 15, 2020Read our 2019 annual report + Blog on assessing small grain frost damage !
May 8, 2020PFI members continue to show their #PracticalResilience + A local food throwback to 2006!
May 1, 2020Now is the time to foster resilient farms and communities + Weekly virtual farmer meet-ups extended through June 12!
April 24, 2020Practical News - Meet our new intern + We are hiring: Apply for our open position!
April 17, 2020Practical News - Read about how vegetable farmers are crowdsourcing yield data + New blog on feeding hybrid rye to hogs!
April 10, 2020Practical News - Spring magazine is now available online + NEW COVID-19 resource page for farmers!
April 3, 2020Practical News - Share your stories of resilience + Join us for a weekly virtual farmer meet-up!
March 27, 2020Practical News - Watch Thursday's virtual cover crop field day + Farm retirement workshops are next week!
March 20, 2020Practical News - Virtual visioning sessions next week + Sign-up for cover crop cost-share!
March 13, 2020Practical News - Moving upcoming events online + On-farm jobs now available through Labor4Learning
March 6, 2020Practical News - Come to a visioning session to help inform our strategic plan + New adaptive grazing fact sheet!
February 28, 2020Practical News - Nominate someone TODAY for the Farmland Owner Legacy Award + Browse our new merch!
February 21, 2020Practical News - Meet the 2021 SIP class + One week to register for small grains conference!
February 14, 2020Practical News - Meet the new additions to PFI's board + The best of the past decade from PFI’s Cooperators Program!
February 7, 2020Practical News - New PFI research on interseeding 60-inch corn + Understanding oat variety protection!
January 31, 2020Practical News - Watch Nicole Masters present the conference keynote + Vegetable meet-ups start next week!
January 24, 2020Practical News - Last week to register for holistic management workshop + Blog on clover management!
January 17, 2020Practical News - Meet the 2020 Sustainable Agriculture Achievement Award winner!
January 10, 2020Practical News - Annual conference begins next week + Vegetable farmer meet-ups announced!
January 3, 2020Practical News - 2020 farminar lineup announced + Pre-register for the annual conference by next Thursday!
December 27, 2019Practical News - Collaboration at the annual conference + Winter magazine is online!
December 20, 2019Practical News - Horticulture sessions at the conference + Member survey has been sent out!
December 13, 2019Practical News - Master researchers honored at the Cooperators' Meeting + Help us sustain our growth!
December 6, 2019Practical News - All about the pre-conference short courses + Blog on growing rural communities!
November 29, 2019Practical News - We are thankful for YOU members and supporters!
November 22, 2019Practical News - Meet the conference keynote speaker + Blog and upcoming farminar on winter grazing!
November 15, 2019Practical News - Conference registration is now open + Eat local this Thanksgiving!
November 8, 2019Practical News - Check out the new PFI logo!
November 1, 2019Practical News - Urban farming field day coming up + Join us for a farm transfer workshop!
October 25, 2019Practical News - Blog on apple production + A new section in Practical News!
October 18, 2019Practical News - PFI featured on PBS NewsHour + Meet our new Latino outreach contractor!
October 11, 2019Practical News - Measuring conservation on the farm!
October 4, 2019Practical News - One week left to apply for SIP! + Revisit this year's habitat field days
Sepember 27, 2019Practical News - Researching cover crops in Iowa + Join PFI now for a free gift!
September 20, 2019Practical News - 6 factors to consider when growing cereal rye for seed + Autumn magazine is on its way!
September 13, 2019Practical News - Field days back in action next week + Celebrating our 100th lifetime member!
September 6, 2019Practical News - Become a PFI member today!
August 30, 2019Practical News - On-farm research opportunities + Sign up for 2020 small grains cost-share!

August 23, 2019Practical News - Savings Incentive Program applications are open + Video from the small grains conference!

August 16, 2019Practical News - Video on summer lettuce variety trial + PFI receives $936K grant from EPA!
August 9, 2019Practical News - Register by Monday for the small grains conference + Aug. 18 beginning farmer social!
August 2, 2019Practical News - Field days back in action next week + Last day to register for Next Generation Summit!
July 26, 2019Practical News - New merch, new staff, new cover crop directory!
July 19, 2019Practical News - Meet our new farmer outreach coordinator + Riding in RAGBRAI? Visit PFI!
July 12, 2019Practical News - Honoring Lee Tesdell + New program allowing state-inspected meats across state lines!

July 5, 2019Practical News - Happy Fourth of July! + Pig health in alternative production systems

June 28, 2019Practical News - Summer magazine is on the way and online + Board member Nathan Anderson testifies on behalf of PFI!

June 21, 2019Practical News - Small grains conference registration is open + New video on cultivation equipment!

June 14, 2019Practical News - 6 field days next week + Several new faces at PFI this summer!

June 7, 2019Practical News - Field days in full swing + Research on 100% grass-fed beef quality!

May 31, 2019Practical News - Field day season starts Tuesday! + Prevented planting and cover crop options + New membership manager and more!
May 24, 2019Practical News - More organic weed control videos + Field day season inches closer!

May 17, 2019Practical News - 2019 field days announced!
May 10, 2019Practical News - 2018 Cooperators' Program Year in Review + Help us reach our goal of $30,000!

May 3, 2019Practical News - Video on interseeding cover crops in 60-inch corn + Planting no-till soybeans into a living cover crop!

April 26, 2019Practical News - Watch the first episode in our new video series on organic weed control!

April 19, 2019Practical News - Managing cereal rye cover crop before corn + Read our 2018 annual report!

April 12, 2019Practical News - View the spring magazine online + Attend a PFI grazing group!

April 5, 2019Practical News - RSVP for the last two "Map of My Kingdom" performances + Plenty of research reports & blogs to read!

March 29, 2019Practical News - New cover crop research from PFI + Join our habitat program steering committee!

March 22, 2019Practical News - Cover crop field days begin next week + Apply for one of our three job openings!

March 15, 2019Practical News - We're hiring! + Get ready for spring cover crop field days!
March 8, 2019Practical News - Dates and locations announced for 2019 spring cover crop field days!
March 1, 2019Practical News - Download our new podcast on small grain production + Welcome Jorgen to PFI staff!
February 22, 2019Practical News - Subscribe to our new cover crop newsletter + 2019 Labor4Learning trainers announced!
February 15, 2019Practical News - FindAFarmer.net redesign + Session slides are now available online!
February 8, 2019Practical News - What's new with cover crop cost-share? + Meet our new research assistant!
February 1, 2019Practical News - Join us at several events next week + 2018 Cooperators' Meeting video!
January 25, 2019Practical News - 4 reasons to attend our cover crop cost-share program dinner + new PFI research published!
January 18, 2019Practical News - Meet the 2019 Sustainable Agriculture Achievement Award Recipients
January 11, 2019Practical News - Grazing cover crops for profit + conference news + several upcoming events!

January 4, 2019Practical News - 2019 winter farminar lineup announced! + sessions on integrated crop-livestock systems
December 28, 2018Practical News - Mitigating the cost of cover crops with grazing + networking opportunities at the annual conference!
December 21, 2018Practical News – Come cultivate connections at the annual conference!
December 14, 2018Practical News – Connecting over on-farm research + seeking silent auction donations!
December 7, 2018Practical News – What will our 2019 annual conference have for livestock farmers? + Recapping this year's field day season!
November 30, 2018Practical News – Annual conference short course breakdown + PFI grazing groups
November 23, 2018Practical News: THANK YOU + Beginning Farmer Retreat deadline is approaching!
November 16, 2018Practical News: We have a new website! + Cover crops at work signs

November 9, 2018Practical News: 2018 Fall Farminars Begin Next Tuesday + Field Day Season Concludes
November 2, 20182019 Annual Conference Registration is Now Open!
October 26, 2018Pollinator Field Day Recap + New PFI Vegetable Yield Data Website
October 19, 2018Delayed Winter Small Grains Planting Tips + New PFI Bookkeeper!
October 12, 2018Beginning Farmer Retreat Registration Now Open + New Merch!
October 5, 2018Don't Miss Your Chance! Apply for the Savings Incentive Program by Oct. 10

Small Grains News (monthly)

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The Practical Cover Cropper (1-2 per month)

Date Issue
June 18, 2020The Practical Cover Cropper: Cost-sharing cover crops with your landowner or tenant
June 5, 2020The Practical Cover Cropper: Omitting an herbicide pass with rye cover crop + PFI virtual field days!
May 23, 2020The Practical Cover Cropper: Growing rye for silage and pasturing calves!
May 6, 2020The Practical Cover Cropper: Get more cover crop biomass by planting green + IDALS cost share available!
April 25, 2020The Practical Cover Cropper: Growing out cover crops for grain or seed
April 11, 2020
The Practical Cover Cropper: Managing cover crops to maintain corn yield

March 25, 2020The Practical Cover Cropper: Virtual cover crop field day THURSDAY + Spring grazing cover crops!
March 11, 2020The Practical Cover Cropper: Spring frost seeding: “Just get the seed out there and it’ll do its job.”
January 9, 2020The Practical Cover Cropper: Frost-seeding cover crops + Pre-registration for the annual conference ends TODAY + Crop insurance discounts!

November 22, 2019The Practical Cover Cropper: Think it's too late to plant cover crops? Think again!
October 22, 2019The Practical Cover Cropper: Late seeding for rye cover crop + Crop insurance premium discounts!
October 3, 2019The Practical Cover Cropper: Seeding cover crops with speed
September 18, 2019The Practical Cover Cropper: Adjusting cover crop seeding rates for planting dates
August 27, 2019The Practical Cover Cropper: When to pull the trigger for flying on cover crops this fall
August 6, 2019The Practical Cover Cropper: Overseeding cover crops and selecting cover crop varieties
July 23, 2019The Practical Cover Cropper: Cover crop directory online + Seeding cover crops!

June 25, 2019The Practical Cover Cropper: Cover crops for forage & silage
May 23, 2019The Practical Cover Cropper: Using cover crops to plant sooner after a heavy rain + PFI field day season is here!
April 30, 2019The Practical Cover Cropper: Spring cover crop management for organic and conventional corn and soybeans!
April 9, 2019The Practical Cover Cropper: Terminating cover crops ahead of corn
March 26, 2019The Practical Cover Cropper: Benefits of grazing cover crops + RSVP for spring field days!
March 12, 2019Spring cover crop field day dates and locations announced + We are hiring!
February 26, 2019Welcome to The Practical Cover Cropper + Sign-up for 2019 cost share!

Farmland Transfer Newsletter (quarterly)

January 3, 2020Farm Transfer News: Farm transfer at the PFI annual conference+ Article on conservation easements!
October 1, 2019Farm Transfer News: Upcoming PFI farm transfer workshops + Lots of farm transfer resources!
June 17, 2019Farmland Transition Newsletter: Get to a farmland field day + New website updates!

The Practical Landowner (quarterly)

January 7, 2020The Practical Landowner: Check out our new landowner webpage + Sessions for landowners at our annual conference!