Published Dec 12, 2018

Organic Seedling Production

By Practical Farmers of Iowa

Before retiring, Paul Betz, of High Ledge Farm, farmed at 1,200 feet in the hills of Vermont. This geographic location, combined with limited infrastructure, made it challenging for him to have a full market presence in early spring. To meet this challenge, Paul opted to shift his early-season attention to plants for local gardeners. Bringing high-quality plants to his local market has brought in cash from the first market of the season while letting Paul develop a loyal customer base of home gardeners and homesteaders. Paul will discuss his farm’s seedling production from seed to sale, including variety choice, record keeping, scheduling, costs and marketing.

Paul Betz started High Ledge Farm in the hills of Vermont in 1999 on 2.5 acres. The farm focused on growing certified organic vegetable seedlings for market.