Published Aug 26, 2021

Landowner Boot Camp

By Practical Farmers of Iowa

Owning and managing farmland can be a complicated process with few, if any, one-size-fits-all solutions. From communicating with renters, to understanding stewardship practices, to knowing how to write a farmland lease, nonfarming landowners face many barriers that keep them from realizing their visions for their land.

Des Moines Water Works, Heartland Cooperative, Peoples Company and Practical Farmers of Iowa held this multipart virtual boot camp designed to share the why, what, when and how of successful and intentional farmland management.

Check out the recordings below to hear from landowners, farmers and conservation professionals about successful strategies for implementing conservation and stewardship practices on rented farmland, and hear why responsible landownership is so important to building a better agriculture in Iowa and across the Midwest.

Workshop #1: Every Farm Matters

With more and more landowners owning smaller and smaller farms, it can be easy to think that your farmland doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. In this recording, learn why that’s not true and what it means to be part of a watershed. Hear from fellow landowners about why we should all care about intentional and thoughtful farmland management that prioritizes stewardship.

Workshop #2: Rhythms of Agriculture

The day-to-day business of running a farm can be mysterious to those who aren’t directly involved with agriculture. In this workshop, hear from farmers and ag professionals about a year in the decision-making life of a farmer. Learn more about what research tells us about the priorities of both farmers and landowners, and gain an understanding of the resources, experts and services that farmers use to help make decisions on the farm.

Workshop #3: Strategies & Next Steps

Taking an active hand in managing farmland can be daunting for many landowners. In this workshop, learn more about how to build healthy and robust relationships with farmland tenants. Landowners and conservation professionals highlight best practices for communicating with renters, explore approaches to farmland leasing and discuss why building equitable partnerships leads to better farm stewardship.

Workshop #4: Strategies & Next Steps for Women Landowners

Managing farmland can be daunting, and women landowners in particular face specific and gender-driven barriers. In this workshop, learn more about how to overcome these barriers to build healthy and robust relationships with farmland tenants. Learn about best practices for communicating with renters, explore different approaches to farmland leasing and hear more about how and why to build equitable farm partnerships.

This workshop was intended for women landowners. Content will overlaps Workshop #3, but also features content addressing gender-specific barriers to effective farm management and includes an additional 30 minutes for discussion and Q&A.


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