Biosecure Event Policy

Special Instructions for Visiting Farms with Livestock

PFI2022 BiosecureEvent IconWe ask that all attendees at field days where livestock are present – particularly birds and poultry – observe the following biosecurity practices. While biosecurity is important on all farms, clean shoes and clothes are particularly important this year due to the presence of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), among flocks in Iowa and surrounding states. Field days with livestock present where biosecurity practices will be enforced are noted with the “boot” icon.

For these events, attendees must:

  • Wear clean shoes or boots that have not been worn on other farms with livestock or livestock buildings, or around a dense population of wild birds. If shoes or boots were worn around livestock or birds, they must be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Wear clean clothes that have not been worn around other livestock
  • Upon request of the farmer host or PFI staff during the field day, you may be asked to:
    • Disinfect shoes or boots in a phenol or similar solution
    • Wear disposable plastic boot covers over your shoes (provided by PFI). Note: these plastic boot covers can make wet surfaces slippery and can rip. If that happens, your footwear can still be a hazard if you’ve been around livestock, so we ask that you not rely solely on boot covers to prevent the possible spread of bird flu.

Attendees who do not comply with these biosecurity practices may not be permitted onto the farm.