Building Soil Health

Building Soil Health Through Relay-Cropping, Extended Rotations and Reduced Tillage

Doug Adams and Harley HettWednesday, June 26 | 4:30-6:30 p.m.

1582 250th St. | Humboldt, IA 50548


Doug & Kim Adams and Harley Hett


  • Representative from Humboldt County NRCS


Doug Adams is a sixth-generation row crop farmer in Humboldt, Iowa. He also works off-farm for the Natural Resources Conservation Service helping farmers with terraces, waterways and soil health. On his own farm, Doug grows corn and soybeans and has been using strip-till and no-till practices since 2000, and cover crops since 2012. Using oats and other small grains extends Doug’s rotation, covers the soil for more of the year and allows more opportunity for nutrient cycling.

Doug is excited to share his experiences with relay-cropping soybeans and winter wheat to control weeds and build the soil. You will also learn about Doug’s partnership with neighbor Harley Hett of Deerfield Farms. Together, they are working to transition Harley’s operation as he plans for retirement.


Dinner will follow the field day.

See & Discuss

  • Relay-cropping soybeans and winter wheat
  • Using cover crops for weed control
  • Extending rotations with small grains to improve nutrient cycling
  • Forming partnerships for farm transition
  • A rainfall simulator and slake test

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